#Bhopal37 – Union Carbide Disaster: 37 Years 37 Questions for Justice & Life of dignity for the survivors

On the 37th Anniversary of the World’s Worst Industrial disaster in Bhopal, India, survivors of the disaster issued a call to action to End Discrimination by Dow Inc.

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Call for Solidarity

Join the call for solidarity with the survivors and children of the Bhopal Disaster, and to end the harms of chemicals across their lifecycle.

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37 questions

On the 37th anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Disaster survivor organizations have launched a campaign for 37 days, for justice and a life of dignity for the survivors. Each day, the survivors asked a question to the Government of Madhya Pradesh, Government of India and the owners of Dow Chemical and Union Carbide that are evading justice.

We are posting questions from the survivor organizations every day on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles. You can also view the source of all the information being shared in the questions below:

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Twitter thread with 37 questions

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