#Bhopal37 – Documents

Question 1

1. MP Government estimates 5000 widows from the disaster: Memorandum on Plan of Actions For The Relief and Rehabilitation of Bhopal Gas Tragedy Victims (2008) on page 3

2. MP Government quotes 5295 deaths in its curative petition in the Supreme Court of India: GOI Petition Synopsis in Supreme Court (page 5 and 11)

Question 2

3. MP Government leases land to UCIL in 1972: Original lease document scan

4. Reports of toxic waste and pollutants inside the factory and underground water: NEERI’s 1997 Report and Summary of 17 Scientific Studies

5. Spread of groundwater contamination from 14 (2004) to 42 (2018) communities: Supreme Court orders from 2004, May 2012Nov 2012, 2017

Question 3

6. Timeline of curative petition: Office report of case in Supreme Court

Question 4

7. Monitoring Committee setup by Supreme Court asks for standardized treatment protocol: 2005 Monitoring Committee Report

8. Supreme Court directs the Monitoring Committee, NIREH and BHMRC doctors to standardize treatment protocols expeditiously: 2012 Supreme Court order

9. Medicines being prescribed for common ailments and complaints: Prescriptions available on request

Question 5

10. Vacancies in State Government medical facilities: Data obtained through RTI in September 2021

11. Vacancies in BMHRC: 16th Quartery Report of Monitoring Committee (Feb 2021)

Question 6

12. Survivors write to PM Modi 6 times in 2014 and 2015: View letters

13. Letter to PM Modi in Feb 2018: View letter

14. Prime Minister Modi presents award to Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris in 2017: Newspaper report

Question 7

15. Rs. 104 Cr sanctioned for economic rehabilitation of survivors: Meeting minutes of group of ministers relating to Bhopal Disaster, June 2010

16. Funds spent on vocational course: Response letter from Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers on administration of central meant for economic rehabilitation, Jan 2015

17. Proposal for using funds for infrastructure instead: Minutes of meeting between office of the Welfare Commissioner, Sep 2017

Question 8

18. Details of drug trials conducted at BMHRC

19. Factsheet on drug companies and trials, Feb 2011

Question 9

20. Summary of studies conducted by Govt Agencies on contamination of UCIL factory and surrounding areas.

21. Persistent Organic Pollutants: UNEP Booklet, June 2017

Question 10

22. Supreme Court asks MP Govt to make an action plan to tackle groundwater contamination: Supreme Court Order 2018

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