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Job Posting: Coordinate US tour for solidarity of EJ impacted communities in Bhopal and US

Posted: 15 September 2023

Job title: Bhopal Survivor US Tour Coordinator
Job type: Part-time (20 hours per week)
Location: Anywhere within the US
Duration: November 2023 – January2025

Background information: 

December 3rd, 2024, marks the fortieth anniversary of the 1984 Bhopal disaster, when a badly maintained  pesticides factory owned by a US multinational corporation Union Carbide leaked a huge cloud of  chemical gas into Bhopal, a densely populated Indian city. The gas killed thousands in one night, with  more than 15,000 since dying of their injuries. The International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (ICJB) is  planning a tour of the survivors in the United States in the lead up to the anniversary to accomplish the  following objectives:

  1. Build support in the United States to hold Dow Chemical accountable for the clean-up of the  abandoned Bhopal pesticide factory and for the long-term health impacts on the survivors and their  children.
  2. Build solidarity and unified campaign demands with pollution impacted communities in key states  (Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio).
  3. Solidify critical strategic linkages between the anti-toxics, environmental health and justice  movement with the climate justice movements.

Job description: 

International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (North America) is looking to hire a part-time campaigner to  coordinate the US tour of Bhopal survivors in 2024. The job will be 20 hours per week and will entail the following:

– Solidarity work: Liaise with US based Dow impacted communities, anti-toxics,  environmental/climate justice groups to build solidarity/strategic linkages; map key community  groups/locations for the survivors to visit during the tour and organize logistics (in  consultation/and support of ICJB NA members); coordinate/communicate with US based Bhopal  solidarity organizations and networks –

– Media work: Liaise with journalists (local and national) and op-ed writers; organize interviews  with the survivors, place articles and op-eds in the media, including social media.

– US congress/Senate work: Identify and communicate with supportive congressional and other  offices; organize meetings of the survivors with elected representatives; issue statements during  the tour; and assisting in raising support for survivors in Congress.

Required experience: 

– 2-5 years of organizing experience in grassroots campaign organizing;

– driven, passionate, strategic, and self-directed;

– comfortable with public speaking, writing, and direct action;

– social media savvy;

– experience in media work and coalition building work is critical.

Compensation: $20/hour plus all work-related expenses (travel/internet/phone calls etc.)

How to Apply: Email a resume and cover letter to coordinator@bhopal.net by Oct 20, 2023 The position will be open until filled, and the first round of applicants will be contacted by Oct 25, 2023 job starting date is 1st-10th November 2023.

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