Bhopal Gas Survivors stage a massive protest rally for adequate compensation


Thousands of Bhopal survivors came out on the streets and demanded urgent intervention of the Prime Minister of India and Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh in claiming correct compensation in the curative petition pending in Supreme Court.

Survivors holding placards of correct compensation figures
Survivors pointed out that figures of exposure related deaths and injuries in the curative petition filed by the Central and State government are without any basis and are not consistent with the actual damage caused by the disaster. The government’s curative petition mentions a figure of 5,295 deaths caused by the disaster which happens to be one fourth of the figures of death reported by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in its epidemiological report published in 2004. Likewise the government’s report presents the ridiculously low figure of 42 persons with injuries of utmost severity whereas as per the ICMR report this number is well above 33,000

Survivors also presented a memorandum of their demands to the Prime Ministerr through the Governor of Madhya Pradesh and a similar memorandum was also given to the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh

Survivors vow to continue their agitation until Government of India and Madhya Pradesh government presents correct figures of deaths and injuries caused by the Union Carbide gas disaster in the pending litigation in Supreme Court of India.

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