Bhopalis celebrate Pune victory against Dow

The celebrations keep coming. With all strength of purpose now focussed back on Dow, incredible news from Maharashtra: Dow’s proposed R&D centre outside Pune, a vital component of its global strategy and one of the first parts of its core technology work to be moved overseas, has been stopped in production due to massive state-wide protests. What Dow envisioned would be the backbone of its global R&D from late 2008 onwards looks to be the first large stride achieved by the burgeoning Dow Quit India movement.
Upon hearing the news, Bhopal erupted into its now customary wild dancing. Here are the photos…
Dow R&D Celebrations 270908 2xs.jpg
Dow R&D Celebrations 270908 4xs.jpg
Dow R&D Celebrations 270908 6xs.jpg
Dow R&D Celebrations 270908 5xs.jpg
Dow R&D Celebrations 270908 8xs.jpg

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