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The International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal believes without equivocation that the Dow Chemical Company, the Government of India, and the Government of Madhya Pradesh should do the following:

As the current owner of Union Carbide, the Dow Chemical Company must:

  • FACE TRIAL: Ensure that Union Carbide and Warren Anderson present themselves in the Indian courts, and cease to abscond from the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court in Bhopal.
  • PROVIDE LONG-TERM HEALTH CARE: Guarantee access to medical rehabilitation for the persons exposed to toxic gases and contaminated groundwater and their children. This includes medical care, health monitoring and necessary research studies. Further, the company must provide all information on the health consequences of the leaked gases and contaminants in the ground water.
  • CLEAN UP THE POISON: Clean up toxic wastes and contaminated groundwater in and around the Union Carbide factory site. Provide safe water to the community, and just compensation for those who have been injured or made ill by this contamination and/or have had their property damaged.
  • PROVIDE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL SUPPORT: Provide income opportunities to victims who cannot pursue their usual trade as a result of exposure-induced illnesses and income support to families rendered destitute due to death or incapacitation of the breadwinner of the family.

By the legal and constitutional rights of the survivors, the Government of India must:

  • SET UP A NATIONAL COMMISSION ON BHOPAL: This commission must include non-government doctors and scientists, as well as representatives of survivors, to set forth protocol for long-term health monitoring, research, care and rehabilitation of survivors and their children for the next thirty years, at minimum.
  • REQUEST THE EXTRADITION OF WARREN ANDERSON: Take immediate steps to send an amended request for the extradition of Warren Anderson and for the extradition of the authorized representative of the Union Carbide Corporation. Set up a special prosecution cell in the Central Bureau of Investigation to expedite the pending criminal case against the Indian subsidiary and Indian officials of Union Carbide.
  • ENSURE DOW’S LIABILITY FOR ON-SITE AND OFF-SITE CLEANUP: Ensure Dow’s liability for both the on-site and off-site cleanup, as well as payment of compensation for damage to health and property. Further, an amicus brief must be submitted in United States court in support of the Bhopal survivors.
  • ESTABLISH A PANEL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE EXPERTS: This group must support and facilitate independent expert assessment of soil and groundwater contamination, as well as the publication of Indian Council of Medical Research toxicological and clinical reports relevant to ongoing disaster fallout.
  • BLACKLIST DOW AND UNION CARBIDE: Ban the purchase by government departments of their products.
  • GUARANTEE FREE TREATMENT AT LOCAL AREA HOSPITALS: Ensure that the Bhopal Memorial Hospital&Research Centre (BMHR), among other designated local area hospitals, continues to provide free treatment for survivors.
  • DECLARE DECEMBER 3rd A NATIONAL DAY OF MOURNING: Declare the anniversary date of the disaster, December 3rd, as a national day of remembrance for the victims of industrial disasters. Further, the disaster in Bhopal must be discussed in textbooks in school and university education across India, so that we never forget the horrors of this disaster.

By the constitutional rights of the survivors, the Government of Madhya Pradesh must:

  • SUPPLY SAFE DRINKING WATER: For communities affected by Union Carbide’s contamination of the local groundwater supply, this water would come via the Kolar Pipeline.
  • PROPERLY DISPOSE OF ALL CHEMICAL WASTES: This includes removing the chemical wastes from the Union Carbide factory and avoiding the use of landfills or incineration.
  • ENSURE TREATMENT FOR WATER-EXPOSED SURVIVORS: Allowing for the care of individuals who reside in communities affected by groundwater contamination and persons born to parents exposed in these communities. This care shall be provided at the institutions designated as ‘gas relief’ hospitals.
  • PRESENT A WHITE PAPER ON EXPENDITURES: Detailing the programs carried out and results obtained from studies and other initiatives since the initial catastrophe in 1984, with regard to the relief and rehabilitation of the survivors.

The United States Government Must:

  • SEND WARREN ANDERSON FOR TRIAL IN INDIAN COURT: Send the Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson, along with authorized representatives of Union Carbide, to stand trial in an Indian court of law.

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