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NDTV Coverage of Bhopal Disaster 2009-2012

In 2009 and 2012 NDTV aired multiple video segments related to the Bhopal disaster and ICJB. Below is a list of all known segments, available to stream via Also included is one segment on industrial pollution in South India (Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu).

Video : Bhopal gas tragedy: 27 years onVideo : Bhopal gas leak case: Director liable?Video : WikiLeaks emails allegedly show Dow spied on Bhopal activistsVideo : Dow row: Activist invites London Mayor, Olympic head for a drink of Bhopal waterVideo : Have we learnt our lessons from Bhopal disaster?Video : जीओएम के सुझाव मंजूरVideo : Bhopal: The endless wait for compensationVideo : How did Anderson walk away?Video : Did Union Carbide ignore warnings?




Video : More than 25 years later, Bhopal still drinking poisoned waterVideo : Anderson was not a priority on Dec 7: Arun NehruVideo : Anderson release: Arjun's decision?Video : Bhopal disaster could have been avertedVideo : Bhopal disaster: The ignored warningsVideo : 26 years after Bhopal gas tragedyVideo : Bhopal: Questions over political culpabilityVideo : Bhopal verdict raises issue of corporate ethicsVideo : Bhopal: 2 Years for 20,000 LivesVideo : Bhopal gas tragedy: Bail granted to all accusedVideo : Bhopal: Politics over tragedyVideo : Tamil Nadu's Cuddalore industrial belt facing safety hazards

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Bhopal survivors support Koodankulam struggle

Observing Shahid Bhagat Singh Divas on 23 March, more than 250 survivors of the 1984 Union Carbide gas disaster sat on a day-long fast in support of the Koodankulam struggle against the nuclear power plant. Condemning Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa’s act of charging Koodankulam protestors with “Sedition,” Bhopal survivors said that Bhagat Singh’s fate would have been no different in independent India than at the hands of the white colonial masters.

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Bhopalis praise the honesty of Meredith Alexander


January 26, 2012
Five organizations of the survivors of the Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal today felicitated Ms. Meredith Alexander, who resigned as Chairperson of the ethics committee of the London Olympics Committee over sponsorship of the London Olympics by Dow Chemical, current owner of Union Carbide.

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Bayer finally gives up toxic MIC production in Institute, WV

Saturday, Mar 19, 2011

Associated Press
INSTITUTE, W.VA.: For the first time in 26 years, Barbara Oden can let go of the image that has haunted her — poisonous gas leaking from a Union Carbide tank and killing thousands of people in Bhopal, India, in the world’s deadliest industrial disaster.

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