Dow Chemical Tarnishes the Image of Olympics


The news that DOW Chemical will be branding and wrapping the London Olympic Stadium is disappointing yet sadly, unsurprising. The LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games who claim to be committed to sustainability, are willing to partner with Dow brings shame on the UK and yet again, on the Olympic Games and irrevocably demonstrates the ongoing influence of the multinational superpowers in global affairs.

Olympics are an event to promote peace. But, Union Carbide and Dow’s products are used in humankind’s war against people and nature. The International Olympic Committee could not have chosen a worse partner to promote its charter.

Want to know more about Dow Chemical’s Outstanding liabilities in Bhopal  (Read More)

Dow’s proposed Stadium

11- Aug-2011

Bhopal Survivors write to PM asking him to write to UK government and LOCOG to reconsider their association with Dow Chemical Company, USA for London Olympics.    (Click here to read the letter)

Bhopal Survivors write to the President of Indian Olympic Association asking him to write to International Olympic Association asking them to reconsider its association with Dow Olympics.  (Click here to read the letter)

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