Dow Website Has the Best Facts: A well-deserved rise in interest for an important industry website

Editor’s Note: Some websites mentioned in this post no longer exist

Today, Dow Chemical is proud to announce a sudden surge in the popularity of, one of the most important elements in Dow’s arsenal of responses to the disaster at Bhopal 18 years ago. of course recounts the Bhopal catastrophe with the greatest efficiency and pays homage to the most important consequence of the incident: the continuation of voluntary safety and environmental standards for the proudly self-regulating chemicals industry.
But of even greater interest to today’s discerning internet user – and the primary reason for the sudden leap in the site’s popularity – is that satisfactorily explains such cutting-edge Bhopal conundrums as the reason that Dow is suing 200 Bhopal survivors in Bombay. (These survivors, who were caught protesting at Dow’s Bombay headquarters on Dec. 2, will have to pay US$10,000 if the court rules against them. See this or this typically biased account first, and then ask
“Other websites discuss this lawsuit, and other websites discuss the Bhopal calamity, but Dow’s beats all of those websites on three key battle fronts: improved facts, increased clarity, and a more direct path to what is important,” said Covelle Saranex, Corporate Vice President for Environment, Health, Safety, Responsibility, Philanthrophy, Ethics, Decency, Citizenship and Social Concerns, as well as a polymer engineer currently active in the development of seventeen varieties of synthetics. “ appeals to today’s internet user who is looking for easy, concise and effective information on the matters that matter the most.”
Until recently, had been losing in popularity to enemy websites such as and, that claim to present the real side of the Bhopal catastrophe. But’s excellence in addressing matters like Dow’s lawsuit against Bhopal survivors is ensuring its supremacy in Bhopal-related popularity.
As Saranex notes,’s information is superior to that of other Bhopal websites simply because of Dow’s standard commitment to quality.
“Dow pays premium prices for its facts,” says Saranex. “That ensures their smooth consistency and maximal adhesion to value. Crafted by lawyers and public relations professionals with dead-on precision, the facts at are as impervious to corrosion by external elements as our best polyolefin films.
“Furthermore, the pages themselves have been battle-engineered to present the most compassionate face, and are maximally insulated from the vicissitudes of comment, contradiction, and correction via their totally interaction-free context.
{ Responsible Care Logo }”Finally, of course, there’s the sheer depth of information about things like our court case against the survivors. All of this makes your ideal source for quality information about Bhopal.”
We at Dow think you can see why our motto is “Living, improved daily” – with websites that help protect fact quality and ensure their top market performance.
[Found this old favourite today and can’t resist sharing it with you. For the original and more excellent stuff, visit:
For a line by line, lie-by-lie dissection of Dow’s site, visit – and pass the link on]

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