Get DOW into the Dirty Dozen!

AdBusters is running a campaign to expose the Dirty Dozen – a list of the 12 worst corporations. We’ve managed to get Dow on the list, but we need your help to keep them there, and move them up the chart. We need just one minute of your time to make sure the Dow Chemical Company makes it on that list!

In addition to the Bhopal gas disaster, Dow is responsible for chemical weapons, such as Agent Orange and Napalm, and a number of GMOs and pesticides, including 2,4-D.


  • Visit Adbusters’ voting website
  • At the very bottom of the ballot, there is an option that says “Killacorp”. Here, enter “Dow Chemical”
  • Click on the circle next to your entry and press vote!
  • You can vote once every day, so please keep voting!

Let’s make sure that we let Dow know that we won’t stand for their toxins!

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