ICJB wins award

October 15th, 2008:
We’re proud to announce that the ICJB has been awarded the 2008 Path to Victory Award by the Business Ethics Network.
Path To Victory Award–awarded annually for new achievements in corporate campaigning, where an achievement is defined as the realization of a critical step on the path to a campaign victory, where that step could be any aspect of a corporate campaign, including but not limited to research, strategy, negotiation, outreach, grassroots activism, media and communications, implementation, etc., and especially where the achievement shows impressive innovation, creativity, scope and/or impact.  Recognizing that victories are often achieved only after long struggles over many years, we created this award to celebrate significant progress and innovation in campaigning, because each successful day of action, each exposing report, and each new tactic used is a step toward success in corporate transformation.

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