Join us for the 6th Annual Global Solidarity Fast!

As the Bhopal Gas Disaster enters its 35th year, the ICJB is organizing its 6th annual Global Solidarity Fast. With this fast, you are expressing solidarity and sharing in their grief and pain of those who died December 3rd 1984, and those who continue to suffer now.

This fast also includes a fundraising goal. As it is the 35th anniversary, we are asking fasters to set a fundraising goal of $35 or $350. If you are not able to raise funds, we appreciate your support in fasting with us.

The fast will last for 35 hours and will begin on December 2nd and complete December 4th. You can choose the time you prefer to fast. We will email you with tips on how to manage your health during your fast and general fundraising support. We would never ask you to compromise your health, and you know your body best – so you can break the fast when needed.

Please fill out the following form to join us! Our goal is to have 35 fasters for the 35th anniversary.

After completing the form, you will receive contact from the coordinator of the fast next week.

Thank you!

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