Nagpur NGOs move HC on toxic waste issueNagpur NGOs move HC on toxic waste issue
DNA Correspondent
July 24, 2011

The protest in Vidarbha to proposed shifting of the Union Carbide toxic waste for disposal at a DRDO establishment is growing. An MLA from NagpurDG Fadnavis, the Vidarbha Environmental Action Group and the Janmanch have oved an application in the MP high court for permission to intervene in a pending PIL demanding removal of toxic waste laying in the closed Union Carbide plant at Bhopal. The Nagpur bench of the Mumbai high court had directed two days ago the applicants to obtain an appropriate modification at the earliest from the MP high court at Jabalpur over incineration of toxic waste at the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) establishment in Nagpur.

The Nagpur bench issued the directive to the applicants while disposing of their PIL, opposing disposal of toxic waste at Nagpur. Interim order issued by the Nagpur bench on July 19, restraining entry of toxic waste in Nagpur for incineration would remain in force till the MP high court hears the PIL on July 28.

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