No revision cases from gas tragedy still pending

Staff Reporter, Bhopal Central Chronicle, September 14, 2006
The last of more than 20,000 “revision of compensation claims” arising from the Bhopal Gas Tragedy was decided on September 9th by Welfare Commissioner Justice Deepak Verma. The cases had been pending, awaiting hearing, to decide the proper amount of compensation each claimant should receive.
According to Welfare Commission Registrar, SM Shrivastava, the number of cases filed by September 9th was 10,323 and a total of 20,124 compensation cases were resolved at 253 sittings.
In order to clear the backlog without choking the High Court, Justice Verma held sittings during public holidays. Bhopali lawyers had offered commendable co-operation in resolving the cases, the Registrar added.

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