Read about the bizarre US military invasion of, Warren Anderson's dinner party, the discovery of Carbide's secret "poison papers" and more. Do you want to write for us? Get in touch.

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Dr Eckerman has worked with the Bhopal survivors since 1993, this is a valuable and up-to-date account of the disaster and the continuing disastrous health consequences. Royalties go to the free Sambhavna Clinic in Bhopal.

A powerful, moving critique of the cultural madness which is destroying our planet, which includes a history of Union Carbide massacres including Hawk's Tunnel and Bhopal. Interview with Derrick Jensen coming soon to



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THAT NIGHT tells the story of the 1984 disaster and unfolds all its consequences including the medical and legal aftermath.

PRESENT DAY POISONING tells the story of the abandoned factory and the thousands of tons of toxic chemicals abandoned there, with consequences for health and related legal actions.

WHAT THE ICJB IS DOING gives a portrait of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal and what it (and its predecessor groups) have done and are doing to obtain justice, medical help, compensation and rehabilitation for the survivors.

WHAT YOU CAN DO gives the many ways in which you can become involved in the Battle for Bhopal, whether you want to plunge in deeply, for example volunteering in Bhopal or working with the ICJB, or whether you just want to register your support.

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From the beginning, the story of Bhopal involved issues of planning, design, engineering, funding, unproven technology, chemical risk, labour relations, management competence, the Indian subsidiary’s relationship with its US parent and decision-making process, cost-cutting, lack of maintenance and a near-complete and well-documented disregard for safety. (There had been several gas leaks, some fatal, prior to 1984.) With the disaster of 1984 the subject acquired a horrific new medical dimension and began to sprout lawsuits and legal stand-offs (several distinct phases of legal warfare must be taken into account). The story was always complicated, the passing of nearly two decades has so thoroughly tangled its threads that unravelling them now is a huge task. Although individual journalists have delved into this or that aspect of the Bhopal aftermath - the lawsuits, Carbide’s and Dow’s attempts to wriggle out of taking responsibility, the role of Indian politics at Central and State level, the environmental consequences of the the contaminated factory - nobody has ever yet put the whole picture together. This mind-map based approach tries to do just that, to create a landscape of the Bhopal gas and water disasters and the issues surrounding them. Find the Bhopal glyph here.


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