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BELGIUM 29 OCTOBER Smiles and affability were the order of the Dow as the Bhopal survivors' siege of Dow Europe continued. Dow has now realised that cowardice and petulance will do it no favours, so its PR geniuses have told jhadooable Dow executives round the world that they must accept the brooms - and pretend to enjoy it! But in accepting the jhadoos they are also accepting liability. Join Rashida and Dr Mohammed Ali Qaiser on tour.

Rashida jhadoos a Dow executive
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"Desperate times call for desperate measures"

MIDLAND, MICHIGAN Dow employees have been informed that management is cutting jobs and freezing pay in order to improve cash flow by $1 billion over the next year. Hirings are to be halved, salary increases due in the spring will not now happen. "Some internal training will be delayed to save money," Careful, that is exactly what happened in Bhopal. Speaking of which, boys, if you are at last beginning to worry about your Bhopal liabilities, the bad news is that, as warned by Dow shareholders opposed to the Carbide merger - $1 billion is unlikely to be enough.

Meanwhile workers at Dow's Texas City plant have voted to support their union, which is being squeezed by the company.

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Dow shares fell 9 percent Thursday 24th, to $24.97

Bhopal 27 October. The jhaadoos were out for Dow at the Sambhavna Clinic's 6th Anniversary celebrations earlier today. A thousand people gathered to watch a fashion show featuring haut couture what natty neighbours of the Carbide factory will soon be wearing. But the most popular attraction was the Jhaadoo Maro game in which everyone got a chance to give Dow a good hiding. All this plus working models, a 7 foot Ayurvedic human body, a Qawali show and much more. Story and pics here.

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The Jhaadoo Maaro Campaign "Beat Dow with a broom" launched in Bhopal on 6 October (Jhaadoo Maro Campaign) has already pierced to the heart of Dow Chemical and humiliated its CEO Michael Parker at what was meant to be a moment of "green glory" for his company. This was just one blow in a week of seriously bad news for Dow

18 October Indian CBI moves to bring criminal charges against Dow - assets in India at risk
18 October Court told Anderson's extradition is near
18 October State Government demands Dow should pay for the clean-up of factory
21 October Dow's European CEO Respini flees jhaadoo-wielding Bhopali granny
21-23 October Union ministers confirm Anderson to be extradited
23 October Bhopal activists present Dow's CEO Michael Parker with the order of the broom
25 October Greenpeace presents clean-up guidelines - costs to Dow could top $500 million.

Dow already faces criminal liabilities and the possible attachment of all its assets in India as a result of the criminal case in Bhopal. Now the company looks like being forced to foot the bill for cleaning-up its dead factory, and Greenpeace's carefully worked out guidelines suggest that this alone may cost them $500 million. Finally, a huge chasm is opening up beneath the company as more details of its contamination, over more than twenty years, of Bhopali drinking wells with cancer- and birth-defect-causing chemicals.
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Houston 23 October.
Bhopal activists interrupt Dow Chemical CEO Michael Parker's moment of green delight and demand that he takes action to clean up the death-factory in Bhopal. Right, Kinnu presents Parker with the broom.
Story here.
Full story, and pics.

Official press release here.

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When Michael Parker's moment of green joy was interrupted by the real world, he was for a moment nonplussed. But then his corporate training kicked in and he began to trot out, in a flat monotone, the same weary stuff we have heard over and over again from his public relations people. So we have begun composing a new song for him to sing. Right, Jackie, Rob, Kinnu, Diane and Nishant.

Parker's reaction as recorded by journalist Jackson Allers
Transcript of Parker's remarks and our comments here
The Michael Parker Blues. We suggest a new Dow Multinational Anthem.

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Parker's mendacities were quickly nailed at the luncheon by Karla who distributed dozens of these postcards.

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Dow Chemical is on the International Leadership Council of a very exclusive organisation - one working to save our seas and rescue our rivers. But other ILC members include the five biggest polluters of US rivers with cancer-causing chemicals and the six biggest polluters with gene-bending toxins. (Dow is on both those lists.) Other members include General Motors, which has left the St Lawrence River a stinking mess, and Exxon whose care for the seas is evidenced by its response to the Exxon Valdez disaster. What sort of environmental group could this be? Bhopal.Net investigated.
Full story here.

On behalf of the survivors, Champa Devi rejects Dow's insulting offer of a "humanitarian gesture" and her jhadoo sends Dow Europe chief Respini running from the room. Right, Champa and Pranay (middle) flanked by local Greenpeace supporters.
Full story here.

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BHOPAL, 18 OCTOBER At the Bhopal Magistrates Court, which reconvened yesterday for the first time since dramatically rejecting a bid to reduce charges against chief accused Warren Anderson, schoolchildren from the gas-affected areas of Bhopal came out to leave the CBI's lawyers in no doubt of what the city's people want.

Full story and excerpts from damning testimony heard in court

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Women survivors bring Bhopal to a standstill as they launch their "jhadoo maro" campaign. "We'll beat you with our brooms. We'll sweep you out of India.
Full story,
more pictures, background and women's launch statement here.

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