16th Anniversary of the 1984 Union Carbide Disaster
Survivors' Demands

Survivors of the toxic cocktail of gases that has killed over 20,000 people to date and left 120,000 in need of desperate medical attention have, over the last 16 years fought for, and continue to fight for their rights. As the disaster has grown in magnitude and severity so their demands have necessarily become more urgent.

The principal author of the world's worst industrial disaster, Union Carbide Corporation, and the Governments of India and Madhya Pradesh must act upon these demands immediately if the largely forgotten gas-affected people in Bhopal and their children are to know any respite within their lifetimes.


Demands from Union Carbide Corporation
Union Carbide must:

1. Ensure that prime accused Warren Anderson ceases absconding and the authorised representatives of the company face trial in the Bhopal Criminal Court.

2. Assume continuing liability for the continuing and longterm health consequences among the exposed persons and potentially their future generations. This includes liabilities for medical care, health monitoring and necessary research work. The company must provide all information on the leaked gases and their short and longterm medical consequences.

3. Clean up the contamination of the groundwater and soil in and around its factory in Bhopal.

4. Assume liability for the loss of livelihood caused as a result of the disaster. This includes liabilities for families where the breadwinner has been killed or rendered too incapacitated to earn a livelihood and for people too sick to pursue their usual sources of livelihood.


Demands from the Indian Government
The Indian Government must:

1. Take immediate steps to extradite Warren Anderson and the authorised representatives of Union Carbide Corporation from the USA and present them to the Bhopal Criminal Court.

2. In the event of Union Carbide Corporation merging with Dow Chemicals, proceed with confiscation of Dow's assets in India.

3. Support the class action suit filed in the US courts by survivors' organisations against Union Carbide and Warren Anderson by filing a supportive Amicus Curae brief.

4. Revive the special prosecution cell in the criminal case against Union Carbide India Limited and its Indian officals.

5. Set up a National Commission on Bhopal with the participation of survivors and their sympathisers for longterm health monitoring, research, care and rehabilitation of the survivors of the disaster. The funds left after distribution of compensation must be entrusted to this Commission.

6. Take immediate steps to ensure the publication of the results of the 24 research studies carried out by the Indian Council of Medical Research on the health effects of exposure to Union Carbide's gases.

7. Scientifically assess and claim damages from Union Carbide Corporation for the contamination of groundwater and soil in and around the factory.

8. Take note of the recent damning indictment of the Comptroller and Auditor General regarding misappropriation of public money in Bhopal by the MP Government. Institute an enquiry by the Central Bureau of Investigation on expenditures made and results obtained in the relief and rehabilitation of Bhopal victims over the last 16 years.

9. Scrap the illegal and arbitrary amendment made by the Welfare Commissioner, Bhopal Gas Victims, that wrongfully denies compensation to over 10,000 victims.

10. Support survivors' attempts to build a memorial to the disaster at the site of the Union Carbide factory. Declare December 3rd as a National Day of Mourning for the Victims of Industrial Disasters. The disaster in Bhopal must be made part of text books in school education throughout the country.

11. Take action against the Union Carbide sponsored Bhopal Memorial Hospital Trust for unauthorised withdrawal and expenditure of funds meant for Bhopal victims.

12. Set up regulatory mechanisms to ensure that the damage caused by reckless medication at the Bhopal Memorial Hospital Trust clinics and other health care facilities are minimised.


Demands from the Madhya Pradesh Government
The Madhya Pradesh Government must:

1. Respond to the damning indictment of the Comptroller and Auditor General regarding misappropriation of public money in the relief and rehabilitation of survivors of Bhopal. Present a White Paper on expenditures made and results obtained.

2. Provide healthbooks to people with chronic exposure-induced diseases and ensure their best possible treatment. Ensure that at the government hospitals and clinics survivors are not caused harm by irrational medication, improper medical consultation and malfunctioning equipment.

3. Set up industries at Special Industrial Estate to provide employment to the survivors. Regularise the jobs of survivors working at the Stationery Production Centre and resume production at the sewing and jute centres. Implement reservation of jobs for the gas affected in the Railway Coach factory, Bhopal.

4. Ensure that all victims trained under the economic rehabilitation programmes are provided with regular jobs on completion of training.

5. Supply safe drinking water to the communities affected by contamination of groundwater without delay.

6. Take action against Bhopal Hospital Memorial Trust for employment of children in hazardous construction jobs and death of child labour.