Bhopal disaster anniversary marked
Monday, 4 December, 2000, 02:08 GMT
From the newsroom of the BBC World Service

Demonstrations and prayer meetings have been held in India to mark the 16th anniversary of the industrial disaster in the city of Bhopal.

Demonstrators demanded better medical care for survivors and the immediate removal of hazardous waste still lying on the site of the chemical plant where an accident sent gas drifting across the city.

The authorities and activists dispute the number of Bhopal people who died as a result, which it's said could be more than ten-thousand.

Activists say at least one-hundred-thousand others continue to suffer the effects of the leak.

The company Union Carbide paid over seven-thousand-million rupees in compensation for survivors in 1987, but activists allege that much of the money has been siphoned off by officials.