ANITA [19] is the sister of SADANAND [23]. They lived at the time of the disaster at house no 11, Gali no. 3, Ibrahimganj. Anita now lives in Sehore, outside Bhopal. Their father was a driver in the state road transport corporation. He drove buses.

The children lost their father eight months after the disaster and mother after one and half years. Both died of injuries sustained on "that night". Sadanand and Anita stayed with their maternal uncle for four years.

When Sadanand was 12 he left his uncle's house, taking eight year old Anita because the uncle was not treating them well. Anita was not getting enough to eat . Sadnand rented a room for himself and Anita. found a job as a casual worker at a plastic factory earning 300 rupees a month. He worked for six years in the Krishna Plastics factory.

He used to rush back home to cook for his sister. Despite working he managed to study until class 8. From a friend he learnt tailoring. he can now sew coats and jackets but he does not have his own machine and shop. He works at a tailoring shop for very low piece rate wages.

He now lives in the 'widow colony' same as Sunil.

for last two years Sadanand has been fighting for compensation for his
parents' deaths. The court wanted him to present medical records from the hospitals where his and Anita's parents were admitted. But the hospitals could not produce them. so the court rejected their claim.

Five years ago the two children were paid just rupees 25 thousand for their mother's death but as it wasn't considered gas-related they were paid for "simple injury". Earlier this month the court awarded 25 thousand rupees for his father's death.

Sadanand wants a regular job. Anita would like a grant or a loan to help her start a small business.