Union Carbide Corporation must :
(1) assume continuing liability for the continuing and long term health consequences among the exposed persons and potentially their future generations. This includes liabilities for medical care, health monitoring and necessary research work. The company must provide all information on the leaked gases and their short and long term medical consequences.

(2) assume liability for the loss of livelihood caused as a result of the disaster. This includes liabilities for families where the breadwinner has been killed or rendered incapacitated to earn a livelihood and for persons too sick to pursue their usual sources of livelihood.

(3) clean up the contamination of the ground water and soil in and around its factory in Bhopal.

(4) ensure that prime accused Warren Anderson ceases absconding and the authorized representatives of the company face trial in the Bhopal criminal court.

The Indian Government must:
(1) take immediate steps to extradite Warren Anderson and the authorized representatives of Union Carbide from USA.

(2) set up a National Commission on Bhopal with the participation of survivors and their sympathizers for the long term health monitoring, research, care and rehabilitation of the survivors of the disaster.

(3) take immediate steps to ensure the publication of the results of the 24 research studies carried out by the Indian Council of Medical Research on the health effects of exposure to Carbide's gases.

(4) claim damages from Union Carbide for the environmental damage caused by the corporation during its routine operation in Bhopal.

(5) declare December 3rd as a National Day of Mourning for the Victims of Industrial Disasters. The disaster in Bhopal must be made part of text books in school education in the country.

The Madhya Pradesh government must:
(1) review the work of relief and rehabilitation carried out by the Department of Gas Relief and Rehabilitation in the last several years with the participation of survivors.

(2) provide health-books to persons with chronic exposure induced diseases and ensure their best possible treatment. Ensure that at the government hospitals and clinics survivors are not caused harm by irrational medication, improper medical consultation and malfunctioning equipment.

(3) set up industries at Special Industrial Estate to provide employment to the survivors. Regularize jobs of survivors working at the Stationery Production Center and resume production at the sewing and jute centers. Implement reservation of jobs for the gas affected in the Railway Coach factory, Bhopal.

(4) direct a scientific inquiry in to the contamination of soil and ground water in the vicinity of the Union Carbide factory. Communities in the neighborhood of the factory must immediately be supplied with safe drinking water.

(5) erect a memorial on the disaster at the site of the Union Carbide factory with the participation of survivors organizations.