Ban Toxics - Armageddon, Inc.

I think an appropriate merged name would be: Armageddon, Inc.

Dow is responsible for a large proportion of the dioxin-related illness, death, and deformity worldwide, through its creation of organochlorine aliphatic and aromatic polymers, feedstocks, and agricultural chemicals. Agent Orange and its domestic equivalent 2,4,5-T, napalm, and Dursban stand out as examples of Dow technology. A Dow-contracted researcher applied pure dioxin (2,3,7,8 TCDD) directly to prisoners' skin at Holmesburg, Pennsylvania prison experiments in the 1960s.

Union Carbide is infamous for its disregard for human life and the ecosystem. In the 1930s, Carbide dug a water tunnel between two of its plants in the Southeastern US, through solid silica. To save money, since it was illegal to drill silica dry (because it rapidly caused silicosis and death), Carbide hired poor Afro-American workers from out of state who did not know about the silica dry drilling law, and went the extra mile by pre-hiring an undertaker to take away the bodies at a wholesale rate. The conditions at Bhopal are well-known, and in keeping with their corporate philosophy of commoditization of human life.

Jon Campbell