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This page contains local, national and international news items on the gas affected people in Bhopal and related issues from January 1st 2001 to the present - more articles coming soon ......

1999 / 2000 articles and reports:

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Govt approaches three firms to de-contaminate Carbide plant Hindustan Times 29.3.2001
Yet another Carbide factory fire - residents left homeless and traumatised: Echoes of the 1984 Union Carbide disaster in 2001 Bhopal Group for
Information & Action
125 shanties gutted at Ayub Nagar Central Chronicle 22.3.2001
Thin staff runs Gas Relief Hospital Central Chronicle 16.3.2001
Gas Welfare office yet to receive SC order Central Chronicle 15.3.2001
Gas victims launch campaign for justice Hindustan Times 13.3.2001
Gas victims hold Dow Chemicals accountable for Carbide's crimes Free Press News Service 13.3.2001
Campaign against Dow launched Central Chronicle 13.3.2001
New Campaign in aid of Bhopal gas victims The Times of India 13.3.2001
No freedom from that fretful midnight http://www.timesofindia.com 13.3.2001
Increasing atrocities on women decried Central Chronicle 9.3.2001
Fate of claim courts hangs in balance Central Chronicle 7.3.2001
VK Jain's bail plea rejected Central Chronicle 6.3.2001
Hazardous chemicals still lying in Carbide plant Central Chronicle 6.3.2001
Deprived gas claimants get another chance Central Chronicle 4.3.2001
SC verdict a reprieve for Bhopal gas victims MID-DAY 4.3.2001
SC fiat to invite fresh claims from gas victims Central Chronicle 3.3.2001
Union Carbide compensation yet to be disbursed The Times of India 3.3.2001
17 years on, Bhopal victims await justice MID-DAY 3.3.2001
Bhopal victims demonstrate outside firms offices The Times of India
News Service
VK Jain remanded to 15 days judicial custody Central Chronicle 2.3.2001
Bhopal gas victims stage rally in Mumbai The Times of India
News Service

SB of Indore presents ambulance for Bhopal Memorial Hospital

Central Chronicle 26.2.2001

VK Jain arrested by SPE sleuths

Central Chronicle 23.2.2001

Lokayukta raids MPPCB chairman's residence

Central Chronicle 21.2.2001

Destitute pensioners demonstrate

Central Chronicle 16.2.2001

Chemical Companies Keep Lessons of Bhopal Spill Fresh

The Wall Street Journal 13.2.2001

Effects of Union Carbide Gas Leak Linger Only in Lives of Its Victims

The Wall Street Journal 12.2.2001

Chemical leak injures 50

BBC News Online 6.2.2001
16:23 GMT

And the bad news is......
Dow Completes Merger with Union Carbide:
Announces Amounts and Record Dates for Pro Rata Dividends

Dow/Carbide website 6.2.2001

FTC Backs Dow, Union Carbide Merger with Conditions

Dow Jones Newswires 6.2.2001

Fate of Bhopal victims offers no solace to Gujarat's quake-affected

The Times of India 2.2.2001

Behind the Banners: Sambhavna gets ready to welcome the Lapierres

The Sambhavna Trust January 2001

Atal-Ayub Nagar - a community that carries the name of the Prime Minister of India and the toxic legacy of Union Carbide Corporation, USA

Bhopal Group for
Information and Action
January 2001

Gas victim colony neglected: Sangathan

Central Chronicle 29.1.2001

A Tragedy Retold: Dominique Lapierre talks to Jayanth Jacob about his forthcoming book on the Bhopal gas disaster

The Hindustan Times 28.1.2001

From City of Joy to Midnight in Bhopal

The Hindu 27.1.2001

Lapierre brings cheer to gas victims

The Times of India 27.1.2001

Dominique Lapierre opens gynaecological clinic

Hindustan Times Bhopal Live 27.1.2001

New book more than tragedy retold: Lapierre

Hindustan Times Bhopal Live 26.1.2001

Lapierre traces gas disaster history

Central Chronicle 26.1.2001

Lapierre's 'Midnight in Bhopal'

The Times of India 25.1.2001

Lapierre to open Sambhavna clinic for women

Hindustan Times Bhopal Live 25.1.2001

Gas victims welcome a friend of their cause

Hindustan Times Bhopal Live 25.1.2001

Lapierre says Carbide plant was for sale during tragedy

Hindustan Times Bhopal Live 24.1.2001

Gas victims brave dry taps in filthy colony

Hindustan Times Bhopal Live 22.1.2001

Gas victim colony sans basic facilities

Central Chronicle 22.1.2001

Destitute women demonstrate, court arrest

Central Chronicle 19.1.2001

Adivasi activists arrested

Central Chronicle 18.1.2001