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This website was launched on the 15th anniversary (December 2nd/3rd 1999) of the Bhopal Union Carbide disaster.
We have many documents, reports and newsclippings dating from
before the disaster to when this index starts. Please bear with
us as we index, type and scan them for these pages. Help is always welcome, just email us at sambavna@bom6.vsnl.net.in to find out how.
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Bhopal marks 15th anniversary BBC News Online 3.12.1999
Bhopal site 'still badly polluted' BBC News Online 3.12.1999
Greenpeace finds groundwater toxicity Associated News Features 3.12.1999
"We are neither living nor dead" Associated News Features 3.12.1999
Bhopal victims file fresh charges BBC News Online 16.11.1999

Union Carbide, Dow - Images of Bhopal, Vietnam War

Reuters, USA 5.8.1999
Dow Chemical To Buy Union Carbide Associated Press 5.8.1999
Union Carbide’s Factory in Bhopal: Still a potential killer Bhopal Group for
Information & Action
July 1999