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October - December 2000
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Colombo residents demand halt to toxic pollution

The Independent (UK) 15.12.2000

Indian Government's last and final opportunity to render justice to Bhopal victims

http://www.indiaserver.com 12.12.2000

Bhopal revisited - a personal reflection

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

When Money is Not Enough - Inadequate Health Care in Bhopal

http://www.corpwatch.org   6.12.2000

People still suffering from aftermath of Bhopal Gas Disaster

Free Press 4.12.2000

Bhopal disaster anniversary marked

BBC World Service 4.12.2000

Graveyards had no place to hold the dead

The Hindustan Times 3.12.2000

Measly compensation for victims

The Hindustan Times 3.12.2000

Blessed are the dead, living are no one's concern

The Hindustan Times 3.12.2000

Has the world forgotten Bhopal?

The Lancet 2.12.2000

Closure of Gas Relief Department Likely

Central Chronicle 2.12.2000
Bhopal gas victims demand CBI probe into Rs 400 crore `relief scam' The Times of India 25.11.2000

Okomedia Film Awards

Email (source unknown) 22.11.2000
CBI probe into gas relief expenditure demanded M.P. Chronicle (Bhopal) 13.11.2000
CAG accuses state govt. of misusing gas relief fund M.P. Chronicle (Bhopal) 11.11.2000

Foul Air: NGOs find everything wrong with hospital for gas victims

The Week 5.11.2000

Inmates Sue

Associated Press 18.10.2000
Carbide Shares Drop Reuters 13.10.2000
Union Carbide plant closed after leak United Press International 19.10.2000
Hard times ahead for Bhopal Gas Victims The Hindu 1.10.2000