Thin staff runs Gas Relief Hospital
Central Chronicle, 16th March 2001


BHOPAL MARCH 15: As per the state government status report submitted to the Supreme Court in March 30, 2000, 181 posts, including five posts of Associate Professor, ten posts of Assistant Professor, 16 posts of resident medical officer, 129 posts of paramedical staff and 21 posts of administrative cadre were established for the recruitment in the Kamla Nehru Gas Relief Hospital, But till now only 12 doctors are recruited in the hospital against the set requirements and that too on deputation basis. Ten are medical officers while other two are specialists. One of the foremost reasons for delay in recruitments is reported to be the delay in installation of required medical instruments in the hospital.

Kamla nehru Gas Relief Hospital which started functioning on January 14, 2000 is yet to start other departments. Even after the assurances of the gas relief and rehabilitation minister Arif Aqueel to start the multi-crore hospital fullfledgedly from December 31, 2000, its intensive care unit (ICU) is yet to be opened. other wards including  15 bedded neurology, 20 bedded psychiatric and 10 bedded nephrology ward may start this week. The equipment worth Rs seven crore in 30 crore project like CT scan, colour doppler and Image Intensifier Television are still awaited. According to the sources delay is largely attributable to the dubious role played by the Hospital Services Consultancy Corporation (HSCC). The HSCC is authorized for placing orders and obtaining various equipments for the hospitals meant for gas victims. It is public sector undertaking, paid five per cent commission for procurement of equipments without the established procedure of asking for bids. HSCC is supplier as well as consultant in purchasing of the equipments meant for the gas hospitals. it is sole arbitrator in the purchase, sources added.

It is also being speculated that the Kamla Nehru hospital located in the premises of Gandhi Medical College (GMC) would be eventually usurped by the GMC, contrary to the intention for which the hospital was established, sources further added.

The facilities presently available at Kamla Nehru hospital's gastroenterology department, which started on January 14, 2000 included video endoscopy, colonoscopy (to check disorder of large intestine) and small intestine fibroscope; four dialysis unit worth Rs 85 lakh were also started on January 14, 2000; 20 bedded ophthalmology department began on October 24, 2000.

Gastro surgery unit was started on February 23, 2001. LAPCHOLEY (laproscopic cholecystectomy) machine installed at the unit is one of its kind in the state used for removal of gall bladder by means of laproscope. However, all abdominal surgeries will be performed at the Kamla Nehru hospital itself. Other than gas victims, cases referred to the hospital by other hospitals will also be entertained, but they will be charged according to the fee fixed by the state government.