Heat and humidity. Delhi waits for monsoons. The hunger strikers and the Bhopal activists who have been on
indefinite hunger strike since June 29 haven’t received a response from the Ministers of Home or Chemicals
despite repeated letters, phone calls. Public pressure has increased nationally and internationally against the Indian Government’s decision and outrage over Indian government’s open sellout of its citizens and local laws in order to “accommodate” American policy and interests.

The hunger strikers are resolved to carry their protest on. All three feel occassional numbness of the palms,
are tired easily, and have occassional bouts of dizziness. However, more survivors arrived from Bhopal livening the atmosphere immediately.

Media response to the 16th rally and following has been good with stories in print and television and
international media. A two-hour community radio show in Texas was very enthusiastically received. A vigil
and petitioning was organised by supporters in Washington D.C. in front of the embassy. More than 700 faxes
had been sent to the Indian embassy in Washington D.C. over the last 17 days. Faxes are predominantly from
North America, but also include petitioners from other parts of the world, including India, Europe and Australia. To join the fax action, visit www.corpwatchindia.org

The hunger strikers will continue with their protest and are preparing to identify and meet the various
members of the Group of Ministers on Bhopal to confront them about their decision to sell out the Bhopal
survivors. Meanwhile, members of the National Fishworkers Forum from around the country, the People's Union
for Democratic Rights, Kashmir-based Human Rights activist Parvez Imroze and Mainstream editor
Sumit Chakravarty met the hunger strikers and assured them of their support in the long fight ahead.

Meanwhile, support from around the world is growing.

A few excerpts below.

Indra Sinha writes:

“Hundreds (hopefully it will soon be thousands) of people in Britain, including many US citizens, plus people from all over Europe, Asia and Africa have already signed petitions and are adding their voices to the hunger strikers' demands.

The list of places where hungers strikes have been carried out in sympathy with Tara, Rashida and Sathyu (as listed on the posters terrortwins4.pdf)are based on feedback from the listserve, plus feedback to me from responses to my long email to friends. It is completely accurate.

Smaller places in the European countries, such as Ramatuelle, Brighton, Gloucester, Reading, the Lake District; and some states in the US, notably Louisiana, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, where friends carried out one-day hunger strikes and fax and email actions on July 10, have been subsumed into national capitals or omitted because there was not enough space, but please use this information.

If you know of other places where people have gone on hunger strike, please feed them in to me so that we can make a long list.

I hope the posters will be useful for any actions you may have planned. We are planning to print them up to A0 side (a Euro size approximately twice the size of a full page in a broadsheet newspaper), laminate to
protect them against the British weather, mount them on light but strong backing, and tape them together with strong canvas backed tape. We will end up with a concertina /\/\/\ which can be free-standing or which can be leant against a wall or railings.

Cecile Landman, a journalist working and travelling in Italy writes:

“Gianfranco Bettin, the pro-mayor of Venice and also vice-president of the Italian Green Party, anounced today, together with other people, that they will do a hungerstrike from the 14th until the 17th of this month, in solidarity with the hungerstrike of Bhopal, and to attempt to break the
silence. I guess you can find more information about this on the website of Radio Sherwood (Padova) which
is a local radio of the 'compagni'”

Greenpeace activists and supporters assembled on Mahatma Gandhi Road the most popular street in town for
leafletting and petitioning. MANU Gopalan, of Greenpeace, writes: “They had prepared life-size placards
demanding justice for Bhopal. Some of them went thus: "Warrant for Warren; Justice for Bhopal" and "You
wake up in the morning and smell Coffee; people in Bhopal smell cyanide". They unfurled a large banner that read "Extradite Butcher of Bhopal; Warren Anderson". They had also taken over and chain of four large bilboards with huge banners in prime locations. A familiar figure of the Indian DPM ADVANI dressed up with holy horns was seen drinking TOXICOLA, an energising drink marketed by Dow Chemicals!”

Nityanand Jayaraman & E. Deenadayalan
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