Dow's vital statistics

PAC and soft money contributions in the 1995-96 election cycle.

1993-96 Dow PAC contributions to House Majority Whip Tom Delay (TX), founder of the deregulatory, industry-sponsored Project Relief coalition. When asked by the Wall Street Journal if there was any regulation he would keep, Delay responded, "Not that I can think of."

Grants from Dow and the Chemical Manufacturers Association to members of the EPA Science Advisory Board reassessing the dangers of dioxin.

Dow scientist on "loan" to the US House Commerce Committee in 1995 as it worked to dismantle environmental, health and safety protections.

$1.2 million
Gift from Dow to establish public health professorship at the University of Michigan focusing on health effects, risks, and benefits of chemicals in the environment.

Americans who believe that "this country should do whatever it takes to protect the environment."

Number 1
Rank among the world's chlorine producers and consequently, likely the world's largest root source of dioxin, the most toxic compound known. Dioxin causes cancer, and has been linked to birth defects and fertility problems.

Farm workers who sued Dow for sterility from exposure to DBCP, a pesticide banned in the US that the corporation continued to market internationally. DBCP may also cause cancer and birth defects.

Number of years Dow knew about Dioxin in Agent Orange before reporting it to the US government.

Veterans who filed claims against Dow for injuries from Agent Orange.

Pesticides made from Dow that are known or suspected of dioxin contamination.

Louisianna families relocated due to the threat of groundwater contamination from Dow's Plaquemine plant.

$1 million
US environmental fines paid by Dow in 1995.

Superfund sites where Dow is named a Potentially Responsible Party.

Number of registered federal lobbyists for Dow in 1996.

Number of registered federal lobbyists for the Chemical Manufacturers Association, of which Dow is one of the largest members.

Dow's work force reduction 1993-95.

Increase in Dow's profits in 1995 over 1994.

Fine against Dow Elanco the largest in the history of the EPA for failure to report information about adverse health effects of the insecticide Dursban.

EPA fine for hazardous waste violations at Midland, Michigan facility.