DOW - making a beeline for INDIA

Just as they said they would, Dow are investing hugely in India as a key region for
business development. In September 2000, they announced a new business region for the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent headquartered in Dubai.

"There is tremendous synergy between Indian resources and Dow expertise which, through a partnering approach, can be leveraged for mutually beneficial development,'' said William Stavropoulos.

He didn't elaborate on what partnerships Dow was planning to explore but we can HAZARD a rough guess: the tried and tested Dow formula of POLLUTING our environment, POISONING our families, DAMAGING almost all living systems and reaping OBSCENE PROFITS perhaps?

Dow currently has, as far as we know, four subsidiaries located in India:

1. Dow Chemical (India) Private Ltd. Dow is 100% owner
2. Dow Chemical International Private Ltd. Dow is 100% owner

These two subsidiaries are likely to share a common address:

Dow Chemical International Ltd.
Corporate Park, Unit 1,
V.N. Purav Marg
Mumbai 400 071 India

Tel. 91 22 5245830
Fax 91 22 5231407

Directions to site: Located in Mumbai's central suburbs on the Eastern Express Highway, near to Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilisers (RCF).

This office handles the marketing and sales of Dow products in India. It also houses the Technical Centre for Polyurethane Systems. Dow conducts substantial and wide-ranging business operations in India through its Indian subsidiaries Dow Chemical (India) Private Ltd. and Dow Chemical International Private Ltd., including the importation, marketing and sale in Indian markets of a variety of Dow products, including but not limited to STYRON polystyrene resins, paper and paperboard latexes, and Ethyleneamines, which are used as raw materials for the production of several pharmaceutical products. Dow Chemical International Private Ltd. also houses the Technical Centre for Polyurethane Systems.

3. Anabond Essex India Private Limited

Anabond is 50% owned by a New Jersey corporation, Essex Specialty Products, Inc., which in turn is 100% owned by Dow.

Anabond Essex India Pvt. Ltd.
1-F, Dev Regency 6,
Gandhinagar I Main Road,
Adyar, Chennai 600 020, India

Tel : +(91)-(44)-4452612 / 4452898
Fax : +(91)-(44)-4452732

According to Dow, Anabond is among the companies that "are nonconsolidated affiliates of The Dow Chemical Company and are accounted for on the equity basis. These companies are not controlled, directly or indirectly, by The Dow Chemical Company." Anabond Essex imports and sells paste grade PVC resins, PPT calcium carbonate, DIOP and other specialty chemicals. In addition, it manufactures and sells adhesives and sealants in the automotive industry.

4. DE-NOCIL Crop Protection Ltd.

DE-NOCIL is a joint venture which is 51% owned by Dow through various subsidiaries. The name DE-NOCIL comes from DE (formerly Dow Elanco) + NOCIL (National Organic Chemincal India, Ltd.)

DE-NOCIL is a joint venture between Dow AgroSciences LLC (formerly Dow Elanco) and NOCIL (National Organic Chemical India, Ltd.), a petrochemical company which is the 48th highest earning manufacturing company in India. DE-NOCIL participates in global generic product development, sales of technical phenoxy herbicides, and the production and sale of chlorpyrifos. It also operates an agricultural chemicals plant in India.

NOCIL, itself, has a couple of addresses. DE-NOCIL may or may not be located at one or both of these sites.

National Organic Chemical India Ltd. (NOCIL)
Mafatlal Centre
Nariman Point
Bombay 400 021

TEL: +91 (22) 7692461 to 7692471
FAX: +91 (22) 7692048

National Organic Chemical Industries Ltd.
Mile Post 5,
Trans Thane Creek Industrial Area,