Dozen Ways to Help Sambhavna

1 You can support the day-to-day running of the clinic
Currently it costs us a little more than $2500 per month to run the clinic. This includes the cost of medicines, salaries, medical investigations, publications and all other costs. You can choose to donate a full month or part of our monthly expenditure.

2 You can help us purchase land and build a bigger and better clinic
We are currently negotiating a plot of land in the middle of the gas affected communities. We plan to:

  • plant a medicinal herb garden
  • establish a demonstration and production unit of herbal medicines
  • build adobe houses for different kinds of therapy as well as for training and education
  • incorporate a solar power system

This land and construction will cost approximately $100,000.

You can contribute to our core fund
At the current rate of expenditure we would need $450,000 to generate enough interest to run Sambhavna indefinitely.

4 You can help us with equipment
We are always in need of new and used medical and other equipment. At the we are badly in need of:

  • a spirometer (for testing lung function) $4,000
  • an EEG machine and an EKG machine (for testing brain and heart function) US$20,000+
  • a network of three computers for registration, for clinical data entry by doctors and other staff members, recording of prescriptions and website administration $5,000

5 You can help with the cost of medicines
Medicines used by the clinic cost $300 per month. Ayurvedic medicines are substantially less than allopathic ones.

6 You can contribute to staff salaries
Collectively we pay ourselves $1,500 per month. We have15 full time staff including physicians, therapists, registration staff and a further two who work part time, a gynaecologist and a psychiatrist.

7 You may be interested in donating to specific activities
For example, Dominic Lapierre is supporting our cervical screening and treatment clinic. His foundation, created from the royalties of his book, City of Joy, has pledged US$60,000 towards equiping and running our cervical clinic that will examine, consult and treat 6000 survivors over the next three years.

Panchakarma therapy (traditional therapy based on detoxification of the body) is another specific project in need of support. This fivefold therapy provides sustained relief of many of the chronic conditions suffered by the gas affected such as joint pain, breathlessness, backache, insomnia and anxiety. On the basis of this success we are keen to expand the present facilities and employ one full time panchakarma doctor on a salary of $4000 per year, as well as purchasing additional equipment.

8 You can support our ongoing research projects
We are currently studying the adverse menstrual symptoms reported by gas affected women and girls. We are keen to investigate further, both to explore the causal connections with the gas disaster and to find suitable therapeutic responses (preferably without the use of hormonal drugs). Our international medical advisors are currently reviewing our proposal, the cost of which is $40,000. This 15 month study would employ four professional supervisors and co-supervisors, and 25 community health workers.

9 Help us to further educate ourselves
Our health workers, physicians, yoga therapists and others need training and re-training in specific skills both in the field and in clinical settings. Several of our staff members have presented papers and participated in seminars and workshops. For a two week training course the average cost per person is $100. Participation in a seminar or workshop costs about $80 per person.

10 Support our publications

  • production and dissemination of our annual report costs $7,500
  • our bi-annual newsletter that we send to donors and friends of costs $4000 per issue
  • the community health education material that we generate costs $2000 per year

11 You can help us to host our seminars, workshops and training camps
At the time of the 15th anniversary in December 1999, Sambhavna held a two day seminar called 'No More Bhopals' which brought together victims of chemical exposure, activists, medical professionals and others from Japan, Vietnam, the USA, Sweden, the UK and different parts of India. The total cost was $3700. Sambhavna has also held a number of other workshops and training camps since it began ranging from $100-$300.

12 Help us to fund our volunteers
In addition to local volunteers from among the survivors and other supporters we have had a few volunteers coming from different parts of India, the UK and the USA. . Sambhavna can provide accommodation and meals for volunteers at a cost of $100 per month but travel costs so far have had to be met by volunteers. Travel support to volunteers can potentially attract competent and committed people who do not have the means.

If you would like to help us in any of the above ways, then please send a cheque or postal order to one of the addresses below mentioning your preference for a particular area of work.

Pesticide Action Network UK / Bhopal Account Pesticide Action Network North America / Bhopal Account
Eurolink Centre 49 Powell Street, 5th Floor
49 Effra Road San Francisco
London SW2 1BZ CA 94102
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