Portugal to hand over
Abu Salem

Government today told the Rajya Sabha that Portugal Government has agreed to hand over underworld don Abu Salem to India.

Members are aware we do not have an extradition treaty with Portugal. But Portugal has been kind enough or ready that they will be handing over Abu Salem to us, Minister of State for External Affairs Digvijay Singh said during question hour.

In reply to another query on the identity of Abu Salem, Singh said we have been told he is Abu Salem.

On the deportation of the brother of underworld don Dawood Ibra- him, Iqbal Hasan Sheikh, and his close associate Ijaz Pathan from Dubai last night, Singh said success or failure to get wanted criminals extradited from countries with which India does not have an extradition treaty depended solely on the concerned countries.

The minister said India had concluded extradition treaties with 19 countries and had finalised such arrangements with seven countries.

Besides the government had initiated proposals of entering into extradition treaty with 30 other countries, he told Rajeev Shukla (LCP).

Each treaty has to be discussed taking into account the legal system of India and the contracting parties, he said.

The minister said India has been trying to enter into extradition treaties with as many countries as possible.

On whether India is also a signatory to the UN convention on trans-national organised crime, Singh said the process is on.

(source: http://www.centralchronicle.com/20030221/2102545.htm)