Sister to Feeroza and Afroze. Married to Shahid Noor.

The three sisters lost their father Munney Khan of his injuries within a few months of the disaster. Their mom was already dead. Dad was a bidi salesman doing well in his profession. They had their own house. After Dad died they only had their grandma. Grandma used to be always worried that she would die before ]getting the girls married. [She died in '93]. So Feeroza was married when she was fourteen.

All three sisters remain sick. All three have been told by their doctor
that their lungs are damaged. All have chest pain.

Firdous rolled bidis with Feeroza and her grandmother to make a living. She has not been to school.

Firdous and Shahid Noor got to meet each other at the different events to which the orphans were invited each year and on the tours that were organized by the state government. They got married and have two children. Says Firdous " 3rd december is the saddest day of our lives but on that day all of us orphans were treated as if its a day to celebrate. my heart cried at those anniversary events"

Noth Firdous and Afroze applied for loans to start provision stores.
Neither could get the loans because they didnt have 'below poverty line' ration cards and nobody could tell them how to get one. Says Afroze, "We were just pushed by one official to the other."