She does not know where she lived at the time of the disaster or what
happened to her family. No relative came to claim her when she was found by social workers. so she and other three kids - Rani, Rajesh and Suresh lived together in a room in the 'Kalyani Working Women's Hostel' under the care of one Kamla Bai who took care of them.

Ganga studied till 5th grade but had to give up her studies because she got severe headaches.

She moved out of the hostel four years back when she got married. She worked in a beauty parlour for seven years and left two years back. Her husband is an auto driver. She still visits kalyani and would like to keep in touch with her friend-siblings but does not know what has happened Rajesh and Suresh whom she last saw six years ago.

Rani still lives in the Kalyani Hostel. None of the four ever had any idea pf who their families were.