Sambhavna Clinic, Bhopal needs
a socially committed Gynaecologist

The Sambhavna Clinic provides free medical care (through modern medicine, ayurveda and yoga) to the survivors of the December '84 Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal. Since September 1996 we have offered care to over 9000 chronically ill survivors from the severely affected communities. The clinic is run by the Sambhavna Trust with Dr. P. M. Bhargava, Chandana Chakrabarti, Madhu Kishwar, Padma Prakash, Mira Sadgopal, Satinath Sarangi and Dr. H. H. Trivedi, as trustees. We run on small donations from a large number of individuals all over the world.

The clinic is committed to working for the improvement of the health and healthcare condition of the survivors, carrying out research and documentation activities to monitor the longterm health consequences of the disaster and campaigning on issues concerning the health and well being of the survivors. In view of the exposure-induced injuries to women's health and the official neglect towards health and healthcare of women survivors, the Sambhavna Trust has decided to pay special attention to women's health.

In late 1997/early 1998, largely due to the initiative taken by volunteer Dr. Jayshree Chander from San Francisco, we started carrying out pap smear examinations in view of the unusually large proportion of women suffering from excessive vaginal secretions. We were soon faced with problems in getting biopsies carried out for women with suspect smears. Not having the facilities for carrying out biopsies at the clinic, we had to send women to the government hospitals. We found that cervical biopsy facilities are unavailable at the hospitals meant for survivors, including the 150-bed Indira Gandhi Hospital built specially for women survivors. It is not just the problems of diagnosis: facilities for treatment of cervical cancers, particularly for women from low economic backgrounds, are also near absent in Bhopal. Where such facilities exist, they consist of hysterectomy, which is known to be an overkill in the majority of cases.

Given such a situation we decided to start colposcopy and LLETZ (Large Loop Excision of Transformation Zone) or LEEP (Loop Electro-surgical Excision Procedure) facilities at the clinic. LLETZ/LEEP is one of the state-of-the-art surgical procedures that allows, with the aid of a colposcope, excision (through electro-surgery) of abnormal tissue (thus sparing the rest of the reproductive organs).

Mr. Dominique Lapierre, author of City of Joy has donated Rs. 25 lakhs from the royalties of his books towards our gynaecological clinic that pays special attention towards the screening, diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer.

We have very recently purchased a colposcope (Takagi CS5), L & T electro-surgical unit with a set of reusable electrodes and other accessories required for this procedure. A room has been specially renovated to accommodate this work. Our health workers have started on health education campaigns focused on gynaecological health problems.

The Sambhavna gynaecologist would be expected to ;

- See at least 25 patients (new registered + follow up) in a day
- Document detailed case histories
- Develop (where required) and standardise treatment protocols for specific syndromes/ symptom complexes
- Keep herself updated on the latest research in relevant areas
- Keep herself informed of possibilities of treatment of specific problems through Ayurveda and Yoga
- Perform procedures for pap smear slides
- Take biopsy specimens for confirmation of pap smear positive findings
- Carry out colposcopy and LLETZ where required
- Carry out focused studies (such as on anaemia) related to the project
- Prepare fortnightly, quarterly and yearly reports
- Do quarterly internal evaluation of the project
- Provide assistance in the production of community health education material

Specifically we are looking for a person with:

  • A post-MBBS degree or diploma in gynaecology

  • At least two years experience of seeing patients independently

  • At least one year of independent experience with investigative and surgical procedures

  • Knowledge of spoken Hindi

Additionally the following would be desirable:

  • Experience and/or a demonstrated interest in epidemiological/clinical research

  • Involvement with or exposure to community situations particularly socially and economically disadvantaged communities

  • Computer literacy and familiarity with statistical packages

What we offer

  • Rs. 10,000 per month

  • Entitlement to up to 38 days leave in a year

  • Laboratory facilities

  • A team of committed and competent medical and other workers

  • Encouragement and support to research activities

  • A participatory and non-hierarchical work environment

The Sambhavna Trust, 44, Sant Kanwar Ram Nagar, Berasia Road, Bhopal 462018 Tel: 730914 Email: