Hillele jagjor duniya


the world is shaken up
when the people march


the mountains tremble the rivers and lakes tremble
and waves rise up in the oceans
when the people march

asia is shaken up and africa is shaken up
and latin america trembles
when the people march

carbide trembles and the dow company trembles
all the unjust laws tremble
when the people march

the palaces have crumbled and the kings have fallen
and the queen rolls in the dust
when the people march

the peasants fight and the workers fight
our sisters fight and our mothers fight

students fight and young people fight
all those bound by oppression fight together

the day of liberation is very close
take your bow and arrow in your hands.



Hear the song in an impromptu performance
during the survivor's US tour, May 2003

(Warning, huge file, 5.7mb mp3)