The Orphans' Stories

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1 Sadanand

2 Shahid Noor

3 Pramode

4 Sanjay Kumar

5 Arun

6 Satish

7 Sunil Kumar

8 Anita

9 Firdaus

10 Ganga

11 Suman

12 Afroze

Not in the picture:

ANNU [19]

She was 8 months old when har parents died on the morning of the disaster. She was brought up by her tau and tai [father's elder brother and his wife.] Life became hard when Tau lost his job at the straw board mill. She passed 12th class with a 2nd Division and is now in the first year of a B.Com course. She is keen to learn computing. Annu is sickly, her eyes hurt all the time, her head aches and she has chest pains She does not how much compensation she got. It is in the bank she says.

Update from Bhopal 13 July

Yesterday was the fourth day. the docs have been getting acetone in the urine [pl check on the web re implications of acetone in urine] since the 9th july. Shahid is not doing very well. I have requested some one to talk to the Chief Minister within the next hour. We are trying to gather as many people as possible, by whatever means we have.

Update from Bhopal, very late 10th July

Just spoke to Shahid Noor. Asked why they are protesting.

He said "because Digvijay had always promised to help us orphans. In 1994 on the 10th anniversary of the disaster Digivijay called us to his house and made a public pronouncement that all of us would be provided with means to earn our livelihoods. [Aap sab logon ko rozgaar say lagayenge]. He said it in the presence of media people and it was published in several newspapers."

Also asked him why the sudden decision. Shahid said "because in April during one of our trips to Arif Aqeel [the Minister for Gas Relief - sic] Aqeel called an official Ms. Jyotsna Gupta from the district administration and directed her to arrange loans for 20 people. After 3 months of running back and forth, most of it done by me, we were told to bring "below poverty line" ration cards. That's when we got fed up."


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Shahid Noor is also available for interview by mobile phone. Please contact Sathyu for his number.

Protest to Chief Minister Digvijay Singh

00 91 755 244 2255 [personal phone]
00 91 755 254 0500 [fax]