Subject: Motels for Dow spray-affected residents expected to top $1m.
From: "Steve Tvedten"
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 10:23:25 -0500
To: "Paul Helliker"

Dear Mr Helliker,  I thought you might like to read an article dated 10/30/02 entitled: Motels for Dow spray-affected residents expected to top $1m.

The Government is expecting to pay more than $1 million putting up Aucklanders in motels while aerial spraying for the painted apple moth continues.

Biosecurity Minister Jim Sutton said in response to written questions from National MP Shane Ardern that $69,583 had been spent so far putting families in motels during the spraying programme.

"It is expected that $1.198m will be spent relocating residents in temporary motel accommodation over the course of the painted apple moth programme," Mr Sutton said.

The Government is spending $90m to eradicate the pest and is putting up people likely to suffer health affects from the spraying in temporary accommodation.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has said the only expected health effects of the spray are minor skin, eye, nose or throat irritations in those directly exposed to it.

Some people with severe allergies to certain ingredients in Foray 48B or Btk could also be affected.

Well Mr. Helliker, Hopefully the motels will not be spraying more of your "registered" POISONS inside.

Respectfully,  Stephen L. Tvedten

Steve Tvedten <>
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