Letter to Steve Tvetden from John S. Blye, D.C.

Pesticide poisoning and its effects on the brain



The search for a genetic link between pesticides (or vaccinations, or any neurotoxin) and Gulf War Syndrome, brain damage, etc., is a red herring...and an expensive one, at that.
The true cause of mental, emotional, immunological, and neural damage of the brain by neurotoxins is much simpler.  And much more damning.
As you know, a neurotoxin by definition is any substance that has an affinity for nerve tissue AND is capable of damaging that tissue.  Neurotoxins range greatly both in ability to damage and in half - life.  Alcohol creates a brain reaction that lasts for 10 to 12 hours.  Mercury lasts for your entire lifetime and is passed on from mother to child.  Sarin creates a lot of damage in a short time, but appears to have a very short half - life.
What people don't get is that the brain, like any other tissue in the body, reacts to even minor tissue damage with inflammation.  Inflammation is, in fact, the primary method that the body uses to reorganize damaged tissue. Inflammation usually plays itself out in a few days, but not in the brain. Why?  Because the brain is a relatively closed container.  Inflammation needs space.  The 4 cardinal signs of inflammation we doctors are taught are:  rubor, dolor, calor, tumor.  (redness, pain, heat, and swelling).  Redness, pain, and heat pose little problem (heat is somewhat problematic).  Swelling is the major problem.  Inflammation in a closed space will perpetuate itself for months or years.  The brain swelling of encephalitis in a head injury, according to the 'experts,'typically takes 60 days to resolve.  Even then, the patient maybe left with "sequellae", leftover symptoms that last for life.
At least, that's what everybody thinks.
I was reading a book on brain damagedue to childhood vaccines by medical historian Harris Coulter.  Dr.Coulter had made a very interesting connection...the symptoms that parents were reporting in their vaccine - damaged children were identical to the sequellae following recovery from von Economo's Encephalitis, a disease that swept throughEurope and America in the1920's.  Coulter was the first, I believe, to suggest the actual mechanism by which vaccines caused brain damage - encephalitis.  And this would be the same mechanism (not genetic,though there might be genetic changes)  by which a pesticide, or ANY neurotoxin for that matter, causes brain damage.
The way I discovered what I'm about to tell you was quite simple...I reasoned that if brain swelling (encephalitis, encephalopathy) were the cause of brain dysfunction in a mild poisoning, then brain swelling should also be the mechanism of death in severe poisoning.  Guess what?  Encephalitis is the mechanism of death in alcohol poisoning,botulism poisoning, DDT poisoning, mercury poisoning, lead poisoning, antifreeze (ethylene glycol) poisoning, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...
Now here's the interesting part. Swelling in an enclosed space produces pressure.  Much of what we think of as brain damage is actually ongoing brain pressure, technically Intracranial Pressure (ICP).  This is why the health problems of poisoned people, whether physical or mental, tend to be dynamic.  That is, depressed people (like the Colorado farmers) have good days and bad days.  People with Fibromyalgia have good days and bad days.  Even people with Alzheimer's have good days and bad days.  What we are seeing here is a little bit of damage and a lot of inflammation (pressure).
How do I know this? Because I have been fixing poisoned people in my practice for the last ten years. Reversing depression, anxiety states, Fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, dyslexia and 30 other conditions by relieving the pressure in their brains.  No, I'm not boring holes in their heads.  I'm simply unlocking fixated (subluxated) cranial plates.  And now I'm teaching other doctors (chiropractors) how to do this.
My point is this...don't get too lost in someone's attempt to find a genetic answer to the pesticide problem.  There are a lot of out-of-work geneticists only too willing to implicate genes. Its much simpler than that.  Some people have very limited movement of their cranial bones...and if they encounter a toxin they are going to suffer, much more than people with flexible skulls.
I didn't want to study pesticides and other neurotoxins, but if you end up in the brain - swelling business, you have to.  We need to become much more responsible to our internalenvironments if we plan to inhabit this planet for very much longer.  If we don't, the United States will go the way of the Roman Empire, which some feel was destroyed by lead poisoning from the aqueducts of Rome. 
Keep up your good work!  A responsible citizen is never truly happy with his government.
John S. Blye, D.C.