Yet again police attack gas victims


The officials who led the forty strong squad that set upon the orphans and did not even spare the women are:

Brajkumar Rusia - Sub Divisional Magistrate
R.S. Narwaria - City Superintendant of Police
Sanjay Borkar - Station House Officer

We are sick and tired of the Bhopal police beating gas survivors. Please make a strong protest to the Chief Minister and demand an enquiry into the incident. These individuals and those who beat the orphans should be prosecuted and if found guilty should be punished.

Bhopal.Net pledges to involve the international community, media and human rights watchdogs to safeguard the rights of people who have already suffered enough at the hands of Union Carbide.

For a short history of police brutality in Bhopal and the state of Madhya Pradesh, read on.

On 25 November 2002, the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, led by survivors and their supporters including many people from Greenpeace, entered the derelict Carbide factory to begin a containment of toxic wastes abandoned in the open air. Police moved in and began beating them.


Link to our front page story featuring the brandished fists and oversized backside of Inspector Chouhan.


Full analysis here, including some historical stuff about the Madhya Pradesh police, routine brutality and corruption.

iCJB video of attack shot by Greenpeace (large file at over 5 megs)




A frame by frame deconstruction of the ICJB/Greenpeace video



The link below connects to:

Urgent action to press Chief Minister Digvijay Singh to drop charges against the November 25th activists who had been charged with rioting.

Plus Digvijay Singh apologises and rebukes police.

Plus gas minister Arif Aqeel drinks a glass of contaminated well water in front of journalists "to priove it is safe" and a minute later is seen quietly sticking two fingers down his throat. (see cartoon, right)

The link is to a series of front page stories.