In Union Carbide's factory in Bhopal,
derelict since "that night" in 1984
when it killed thousands of people,
dangerous chemicals lie abandoned.
They are polluting the groundwater.
Lead, mercury and organochlorines
have been found in the breast milk
of women living near the factory
Union Carbide (now Dow Chemical)
refuses to accept liability.
Nothing at all has been done
to protect the local people.
One day the people decide
to protect themselves
with the help of friends
expert at cleaning up poisons.
But cops arrive with rifles and lathis
Champa Devi leads the chant
..."Jhadoo Maro Dow Ko!"

"(Hit Dow with a Broom)"

The "owww" of "Dow!"
A girl looks on apprehensively
Uh oh, here comes Insp. Chouhan
...he heads straight for Rashida Bi
...a legendary survivors' leader
and orders her arms to be pinioned
"Organochlorines. Organ-o-what?
I'll show you the meaning of 'toxic'...
"Wait till I get you the truck..."
The man is flung into the truck
Chouhan climbs in...
Ouf, ugh, grunt...yes he's in
"Now then you swine...
"That's for your damned clean up!"
He throws the first punch
And hauls back for the second
"Take that you swine"
Back again comes the fist...
The man tries to shield his face
Third punch at the man's head
A police wallah notices the camera
The camera man is forced back
People are watching anxiously
One of the activists protests
"Eh, what's that?...
"Hmm, another troublemaker...
Come here my friend...
...Would you care to step inside?
No? Then I'll just..."
Ah, here is Mr Chouhan
"Come here my boy"
The man offers no resistance
...but is roughly manhandled
...into the truck
Chouhan disappears back inside
Don't protest! - A lathi is waved
Someone else is dragged away
Gandhiji taught us not to resist
...but not to co-operate either
He looks shocked at the violence
Aha, here's Chouhan again in his
secret police shades and 'tache
...but another officer takes over
"Bah, he was mine! Mine, I tell you!"
"Damn, they are just talking"
Chouhan looks on impatiently
"Who gave you permission... clean up Union Carbide's mess?"
Our friend is pushed to the ground
"Damn, I never got to punch him"
They begin to drag our friend away
Biff! There goes Chouhan's boot
No better time to kick a man...
...than when he's down
Mr Chouhan finds a new victim
He's fairly itching to punch him
"Wait," says the man, "let me explain"
"You bastard, you dare to talk to me?"
The man thinks he's about to be hit
"We came to clean up this factory...
"Put the toxins in secure drums...
"Lock them up in a warehouse...
"...and give the key to the authorities"
"Where is your permission?"
The man reels backwards


"Okay constable take him away"
"Use a bit of brutality man!"
"A good day's work!"
So the poisons sleep in peace
and the killer plant goes on killing
Today is the 18 anniversary
What's one more day in 6574?