PRAMODE [20] at the time of the disaster lived in house no. 25, Gali no. 1, Kainchi Chhola (now part of Teela Jamalpura)

He was the only child of his parents who died on the night of the disaster. Father Kishorilal used to work in the railways. Pramode was not even one year old when his parents died.

Pramode's maternal uncle looked after him. His aunt also died that night. His uncle's daughter was a little younger than Pramode.

His uncle used to feed him milk with a cotton wick. The uncle was very poor. He used to push a handcart. Pramode started working when he was 8 years old. washing cups and plates in tea stalls. He still does the same job. He is a washer-upper at the tea stall near the District Court. He got compensation for his fathers death of one hundred thousand rupees but nothing for his mom's death. He got no compensation yet for personal injuries [he is sickly and breathless when he talks]. He says his personal injury claim is still in the court but he does not know when he will hear about it.

He got married two years ago and has a two month old daughter.