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If a democratically elected government actively assists in crimes committed by corporations, what do individuals and communities do to get justice?
What can people do when their own government becomes an accomplice in corporate crimes against health and life?

The Madhya Pradesh State government and the Indian government
assisted and is continuing to protect Union Carbide Corporation by;

- waiving of employment and environmental restrictions to accommodate UCC
- removing dead bodies and dumping them in the Narmada River and the forests nearby about 70km away on the morning of the disaster in order to keep death counts low
- presenting data based on gross underestimation of disaster-related injuries in court
- not taking action on the environmental damage caused by the UCC
- terminating medical research prematurely and not publishing any findings whatsoever
- not moving on the extradition of Warren Anderson, UCC's CEO in 1984 from the USA
- agreeing to the paltry settlement of US $470 in 1989 which does not stretch to pay for even 5 years worth of medical bills for people who are likely to live with the effects of the gas for the rest of their lives