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MEPs' (Members of the European Parliament) Resolution regarding Union Carbide.


by the following Members: Mc Kenna, Schörling, de Roo

on behalf of the Green/EFA Group on the 15th anniversary of the poisonous gas catastrophe in Bhopal, India.


The European Parliament,

Considering that the 15th anniversary of the Bhopal toxic chemical disaster is a suitable occasion for recalling the disaster and considering its effects,

Recalling that some 8,000 people died in the disaster and some 500,000 people were injured and that deaths from the disaster now total 16,000,

Whereas the medical, social and environmental consequences of this tragedy are still dramatic 15 years after,

Noting that today's estimates of the number of the survivors of the disaster still affected is 120,000; that these effects are not only the wide range of health problems faced by survivors such as damage to lung, brain and kidneys and to gastro-intestinal, reproductive and immunological systems, but also economic and social effects, including many thousands of families left without livelihood,

Noting that the results of research and monitoring reveal that the environment of Bhopal is still contaminated by toxic chemicals from Union Carbide's operations there, including drinking water sources,

Condemning the failure of Union Carbide, the American multinational responsible for the disaster, in its response to put humanitarian considerations above financial ones, to provide all information available to the company on the toxic chemicals released during the disaster, to provide adequate financial compensation to the victims of the disaster and to appear in court in India to face criminal charges,

Believes that Union Carbide is responsible for the cleaning of soil and ground water in the area contaminated in the accident,

Noting that, despite notification by Interpol to the relevant US police force, Union Carbide's then Chairman, Warren Anderson has not been extradited to face charges in India,

Recognises the very important work undertaken to date by the Bhopal People's Health and Documentation Clinic operated by the Sambavna Trust

Calls for further support for the Clinic to continue this important work

Deplores the lack of a similar response from the Indian authorities to combat the health problems in Bhopal caused by the gas disaster and condemns the problems victims of the disaster face while availing of government-run hospitals and health services

Deploring the official ban on publication of the findings of the Indian Council on Medical Research on various effects of the toxic gas disaster on the public health,

Concerned that the health problems among survivors of the disaster may intensify, and that those most affected, children, are now showing more illnesses relating to the disaster, including reproductive system problems in adolescent girls,

Calls on Union Carbide to assume continuing liability for the continuing and long term health consequences among the exposed people and potentially among future generations, including liability for medical care, health monitoring and the necessary research work;

Calls on Union Carbide to release all information in its possession on the leaked chemicals and their short-term and long-term consequences;

Calls on Union Carbide to further assume liability for the loss of livelihood caused as a result of the disaster, including responsibility for families where the breadwinner has been killed or rendered incapable of earning a livelihood, and for people rendered too sick to pursue their usual means of livelihood;

Further calls on Union Carbide to clean up the contamination of ground water and soil around its factory in Bhopal;

Finally calls on officials of Union Carbide to cease absconding and to present themselves for trial before the criminal court in Bhopal;

Calls on the US authorities to extradite Warren Anderson and other accused company officials to India;

Recognises the need for an internationally verified survey of the continuing pollution of Bhopal caaused by the operations of the Union Carbide India Ltd. Factory;

Calls on Union Carbide Corporation to undertake a comprehensive programme of decontamination and rehabilitation of the area at the corporation's expense, this programme to be monitored and verified by competent international observers;

Calls on the Indian government to set up a National Medical Commission on Bhopal and equip it with adequate authority and resources to carry out long term research, monitoring, health care and rehabilitation of the survivors;

Requests the Commission to provide any and all assistance possible, including financial and specialist personnel, to the Indian government in setting up this Commission;

Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Commission, the Council, the governments of the Member States, the Indian and American government’s and the responsible officials of Union Carbide Corporation.

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