Friends of Bhopal rally at the Indian Consulate in San Francisco to demand justice for the victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy, on the eve of the Indian Independence day.


Friends of Bhopal is a groups of NRI students and professionals, mostly of Indian Origin, who support
the struggle of the people of Bhopal against the injustice done to them by DOW Chemicals and
Government of India. More information at

Friends of Bhopal, SF Bay Area

For Immediate Release

August 9, 2002

On December 2, 1984, deadly gases at a Union Carbide (now owned by Dow Chemical)
plant in Bhopal, India, leaked, killing 8,000 people in three days. Over 20,000 have died since
and one person a day continues to die even today. Over 100,000 people still suffer from the
injuries caused by inhaling the toxic gases. The survivors have received an average of $500 as
compensation. Meanwhile, toxic chemicals left recklessly behind by Union Carbide (now Dow
Chemicals) have poisoned the drinking water of these communities.

Friends of Bhopal and allies will gather outside the consulate for a peaceful protest to
highlight the demands of the people of Bhopal and deliver a petition to the consul for Political &
Commerce, Mr. Akhilesh Mishra

Indian Consulate, San Francisco
540 Arguello Boulevard San Francisco, CA 94118.

August 14, 2002
9:00 AM

The three demands of the protests are:
1.The Government of India withdraw its application for dilution of charges and take immediate
steps to extradite Warren Anderson.
2.The Government of India act rapidly to hold Dow Chemicals, Carbides new owner, responsible
for the pending medical and environmental rehabilitation liabilities in Bhopal.
3.Dow Chemicals take full responsibility for Union Carbide’s liabilities in Bhopal
The protesters will also express solidarity with Diane Wilson who is on a hunger strike for the
last 22 days in front of DOW Chemical facility in Seadrift Texas to demand justice for the
victims of the Bhopal gas disaster.
For more information, please visit:
-- ,
-- Invitation from Diane Wilson, who is fasting for the last 22days in solidarity with the
people of Bhopal:
-- Rediff Article about the issue:

Prashant Jawalikar (510-825-2315)
Mathirajan Manoharan (408-390-2056)