Shahid Noor


Tonight, 10th July, Shahid and his brother Wahid Noor were dragged out of the protesters' tent. Shahid was taken to the Jaiprakash Hospital where they told him they would force feed him via an intravenous drip. He has run away.

Shahid Noor has been on hunger-thirst strike since the morning of the 7th July. He hasn't eaten or drunk.

His father Mohammed Shakib, was an employee at the Food Corporation of India. Shahid, his sister Nilofer and their youngest brother Wahid, who was one year old on the morning of the disaster, lost both of their parents. They lived very close to the factory, in the direct line of the killing wind.

They were badly exposed. They were taken to live at their
grandfather's place in Hoshangabad. Until 1992 they lived with their grandmother. but left when they learned that she considered them a burden. They have fended for themselves since they were teenagers, living on their compensation money. They put themselves through high school.

The three children got compensation of three hundred thousand rupees. Shahid and Wahid each got 66 thousand rupees and Nilofer got 33 thousand. The rest was paid to their grandmothers.

All the money that Shahid and Wahid got was spent long ago on medicines to try and cope with their personal injuries. Both still suffer from breathlessness, weakness, periodic illness, and aches.

Shahid is married to Firdaus.