Petition to William Stavropoulos from Jobs With Justice participants and others

The International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal has written a letter to William Stavropoulos, Chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical, asking him to ensure that his company lives up to its responsibilities.

Please join us in signing the letter and hitting William Stavropoulos with these four demands:

1. Dow must ensure that its 100%-owned subsidiary Union Carbide, along with ex-Chairman Warren Anderson, end their 11 year absconsion from criminal proceedings in Bhopal and face trial.

2. Dow must assume responsibility for the long term effects of Union Carbide's gases and provide long-term health care for the victims and those as yet unborn who may be affected.

3. Dow must clean up Union Carbide's heavily contaminated factory site in Bhopal and provide safe drinking water for communities whose wells have been poisoned by chemicals leaking from the factory.

4. Dow must provide economic and social support to people who have been incapacitated by their injuries, and families which have become destitute as a result of losing the breadwinner.

Please print out the petition and signature forms and use them to gather as much support as you can. Thank you.

Read the text of the petition here.
Download as a Word file and sign.