SUMAN [27] and SATISH [24] at the time of the disaster house lived at no. 25, Gali no. 3, Kainchi Chhola.

They lost their father, mother and two brothers [18 months and three and a half years] due to the disaster. Father Nathuram worked in the railways. He had just come back from his duty when the gas hit. The whole family held on to each other and tried escaping the clouds. Dad said we will take a train and go somewhere. maybe to Indore which was their mothers parents' place. But they could not run all the way to the station (which in any case was full of deadly gas - an entire tribe of gypsies died there, 200 of them without one survivor to say who they were.). Half a kilometer short of the station platform they collapsed on the tracks. Mom died there. Dad was taken to the hospital where he died the same day [3rd december]. The two little brothers died the next day.

Father's widowed sister took care of the children. She is still their guardian. She has no income of her own. In 1994 they got four
hundred thousand as compensation for the four deaths. They lived on the interest of this money.

Suman studied till BA. She is now married.Hher bad health got in the way of her studies. She suffers from terrible headaches, pain in limbs and her eyes hurt and water when she tries to read. Satish too has eye problems, diminished vision, pain and watering.

Satish is in the university. he has learnt both hardware and software by watching and doing. He does computer repair work but it does not provide a regular income. Satish wants to borrow the capital to start a regular computer repair-maintenance business. He would like half the money as a grant. Suman is a low paid teacher as is her husband. She would like a job.