Danbury, Conn., May 18 -- Union Carbide Corporation announces the extension of its high-performance line of TERGITOL® X-series surfactants with the introduction of the liquid product, TERGITOL XDLW. This next-generation surfactant provides outstanding performance and offers processing and formulating advantages that can be translated into higher processing rates and, therefore, higher profitability. TERGITOL XDLW is an alkyl-based polyethylene oxide-polypropylene oxide (EO/PO) block polymer, which is fully liquid at room temperature, making handling and processing easy. Typical EO/PO copolymers for dispersion and stabilization of emulsions are solid at room temperature and must be melted before use, a process that is time consuming and adds costs.

TERGITOL XDLW Surfactant is a highly effective steric stabilizer suitable for a broad range of emulsion and dispersion applications. This product produces stable emulsions at very low concentrations, allowing manufacturers to use less surfactant. TERGITOL XDLW Surfactant has superior surface tension reduction properties that produce excellent wetting and rinseability qualities.

"This new liquid form of X-series surfactant marks an exciting milestone in our ongoing effort to provide value-added products to our customers," says Ken Spall, commercial director, Industrial Performance Chemicals. "Using TERGITOL XDLW can provide reduced processing costs and reduced handling requirements," he added.

TERGITOL XDLW Surfactant can be used in dispersant, emulsifier and stabilizer applications including: pigments, dyestuffs, printing inks, paints, coatings, auto-body putties, agricultural chemicals, and

For further information about TERGITOL XDLW or other surfactants, contact Union Carbide Corporation, 39 Old Ridgebury Road, Dept. N1-575, Danbury, CT 06817-0001.

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