UCC's Responsible Care

Responsible Care is the chemical industry's health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance improvement initiative. It is
also the ethical framework around which member companies of the Chemical Manufacturers Association (CMA) operate, representing their commitment to respond to public concerns about the safe management of chemicals.

Driving the initiative are six management codes that encompass more than 100 practices. These codes set performance objectives that encourage commitment, innovation and continuous improvement. Individual codes identify elements of good management practice. Collectively, they focus on improving performance across all stages of a chemical's life, from research and design through manufacture, use, recycling and disposal. The codes also address employee health and safety and community awareness and emergency response. Companies are expected to report continued progress, although they may be at various performance levels for each code.

1998 Responsible Care Progress Report
In the U.S. Union Carbide successfully implemented all the management codes of the Responsible Care initiative in 1996 –
three years ahead of the target set by the CMA. We met this target worldwide in 1998. This report covers Union Carbide's
continuing work in building on these initial efforts. Additional sections are available on the corporation's Internet site (www.unioncarbide.com), covering specific activities at UCC's U.S. operations and at other locations worldwide.

For additional information about corporate-wide Responsible Care programs and progress or the names of local site Responsible Care contacts, write to Union Carbide Corporation, Public Affairs Department, Section L-4505, 39 Old Ridgebury Road, Danbury, CT 06817-0001, or call the company's toll-free Responsible Care information line: 1-800-552-5272.

RESPONSIBLE CARE is a registered service mark of the Canadian Chemical Producers Association and the Chemical Manufacturers Association. TRANSCAER is a registered service mark of the CMA.


For additional information please call the Responsible Care Information Line: 800-552-5272