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Oakland University

Protest at Dow Headquarters!

On November 16, 2005, several students from Oakland University and the University of Michigan joined in a protest outside Dow’s Midland, MI headquarters. Although the weather was bitterly cold, the students waved banners, shouted slogans, and went inside to meet with Dow Public Affairs man Scott Wheeler.

“It gave us a good opportunity to talk with Dow's pr people, and hear what their usual defense/rationale for their inaction in Bhopal. We met with Scott Wheeler, at the headquarters.

“Basically, he said that the government of Madhya Pradesh is responsible for cleaning up the site. He said Carbide was told to leave after the disaster, by the MP gvmt. He says that MP has started the initial process of cleaning up the site, and now it is in their hands to continue their process. He said that Dow bought the shares of UCC, and owns their assets, but not their liabilities. He says that union carbide exists within Dow, as their own entity. He said that the civil case in NY has been thrown out (or one of them has?), that they have been repeatedly dismissed. (He didn't talk about how they had been reinstated.) And he said that Dow does not have the power to make warren Anderson appear in court (he's 80 yrs old), and something like Dow doesn't have the authorized representatives to send to Bhopal. When Arianna asked why don't they drop the case against the survivors, he said that no such case exists. He made repeated comments that the government of MP is responsible for cleaning up Bhopal. I don't know how true that is, but I feel we learned a lot from talking to him – if only about their ‘no blame’ mindset.”
















































The international student campaign to hold Dow accountable for Bhopal, and its other toxic legacies around the world.
For more information about the campaign, or for problems regarding this website, contact
Shana Ortman, the US Coordinator for the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal.
Last updated: April 30, 2008


"The year 2003 was a special year in the history of the campaign for justice in Bhopal. It was the year when student and youth supporters from at least 30 campuses in the US and India took action against Dow Chemical or in support of the demands of the Bhopal survivors. As we enter the 20th year of the unfolding Bhopal disaster, we can, with your support, convey to Dow Chemical that the fight for justice in Bhopal is getting stronger and will continue till justice is done. We look forward to your continued support and good wishes, and hope that our joint struggle will pave the way for a just world free of the abuse of corporate power."

Signed/ Rasheeda Bi, Champa Devi Shukla
Bhopal Gas Affected Women Stationery Employees Union
International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal