“Our own government does everything to help the American corporations” – Indefinate Faster Premlata Chaudhary Speaks

“Union Carbide’s poisons have killed people in my family in direct and indirect ways. What I find most distressing is that our own government does everything to help the American corporations and does not pay any attention to our worsening condition. Through our fast we hope to make people in the government sit up and take notice.”

Premlata was born on August 15, 1947. Among her four sons and two daughters,  one son died after the disaster. At age 8 during an episode of convulsions he fell down and succumbed to the injuries. Her mother from out of Bhopal was visiting her at the time of the disaster and she has been missing from that night. Her husband worked as an engine driver but after being exposed to gas could not
continue on his job. Her sons had to drop out of school because the family’s income went down. Today they are unable to work because they remain sick. The family’s desperate economic situation drove one of her daughter in laws to commit suicide.

Premlata Chaudhary, Age: 66



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